Windows and office activation tool


Many of us who uses windows laptops or use windows on our system must have seen the Activate windows message either on our screen or as soon as we switch on our windows laptop. Many who have received a Microsoft activation message have expressed their anger towards the $753 billion company (as at 2018) as users who gets an activation message from Microsoft are either unable to use their program or would have to manage their program with limitations.  

When a windows user gets this activation message from Microsoft, he/she is required to input a product key before he will continue to enjoy the program. Many windows users know nothing about the product key until they’ve received the activation message. The windows activation message is usually seen months after a user have begun using the programme and many who have installed the programme have complained that it does nothing to protect one’s system from malware, spyware, etc as it claimed. The activation of windows is known to consume up to 6GB data and in some cases, it takes a very long time before the activation is complete. A windows programme user will have to undergo all the above and maybe even spend additional money if he hired a computer expert to fix his activation problem.  

OFFICE ACTIVATION TOOLS    Having listed out some of the difficulty a windows programme user may encounter while using the software, it will also bring relief to the minds of windows users to hear that there is a way to by-pass all of the issues above. Microsoft has created a tool to help its users who are having a system activation issue.

The tool is called MICROSOFT TOOLKIT (analog KMSauto)     Microsoft toolkit comes in several versions with each version having a slightly unique feature than the other. One of the most downloaded versions is v2.6.4. According to Microsoft, the most trusted activator used to activate Microsoft office and Microsoft windows is the MICROSOFT TOOLKIT v2.6.7. Microsoft itself advises it users to use toolkit v2.6.7. The Toolkit v2.6.7 can activate Microsoft windows 7, 8 and 10 and Microsoft offices 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and2016. The latest versions of Microsoft activators are v.2.6.7and v.2.6.6. You can get the latest Microsoft toolkit or KMSauto activator via this link –  

MICROSOFT PRODUCTS ACTIVATION  After a successful activation of windows on a system, a window user will enjoy every benefit given by Microsoft. A user will also receive necessary updates from time to time from Microsoft.  However, with all been said, I will advise that it’s best for all window software users to activate windows on their system when they receive the windows activation message. Many of the updates one will receive after successfully activating his windows may be crucial updates that will help protect the system or improve the quality of experience for the window user. Also, it will strengthen the relationship between the window user and Microsoft. Another benefit of activating windows is that it will stop the same copy of windows from being installed in another system, thereby creating privacy for the window user. Also Microsoft promises to protect it windows user’s system from malware, spyware, antivirus and many other threats that may occur while using their programme. If Microsoft is sincere about their words as they’ve stated in their message, this process will create a level-up security for the window user.